Since 1965, HPD has been building world-class custom bodyboards. Riders from around the world have sought us out looking for the fastest bodyboard on the planet. Some are tired of riding sponges (foam boogie boards), and some are looking to switch from surfing for various reasons. One thing remains constant: once you experience the difference of an HPD, it's hard to go back.

Paipo XL - HPD BodyboardsWhat makes our boards so special is their unique fiberglass design. Many of our riders come from boogieboard backgrounds, and are used to the foam-core boogieboards that are practically everywhere these days. HPD was born at Pipeline, Oahu in the 60's, well before the advent of polystyrene. Back then, fiberglass was a relatively new method of building watercraft, and is known for it's strength and rigidity. Our first paipos were made from wood, but we soon began experimenting with fiberglass molding, and eventually made a perfect fiberglass replica of our beloved wooden boards.

The original model, and Swiss army knife, one-size-fits-all design is the Paipo XL. It all started with the XL design back in the 60's, and really has not been changed since we started. Our early boards were made from wood, but we soon switched to fiberglass for a number of reasons. The shape of the Paipo XL allowed for easy grip of the board, and was very responsive and maneuverable in the water. Many riders just loved the design, and had nothing but great things to say.

The XL is and was a great board.  But here and there people would have special requests, and as more people started requesting, it became apparent that more sizes and options were needed.

The Paipo Mini is a scaled down version of the XL, reduced proportionally by 12% on all dimensions. This board is really fun for all types of people, large and small. But small guys/gals like them because they fit under the arm easily, and don't weigh as much as the other boards.

The Paipo Monster is the opposite; a large version of the Paipo XL. This board's length was increased from 40 inches to 48 inches, with the same width as the XL. Lots of bigger guys and prone riders really dig the Monster board for it's added stability, but small guys have a blast on this board too. It really is a rocket ship!

The newest addition to the lineup is the Paipo XP, and was designed as an homage to some of the modern bodyboards. It's width at the tail is narrower, reminiscent of boogie board dimensions. Lots of guys like riding this board, and it really allows for a lot of fun moves and freestyle tricks.

All of our boards come with a foam deck pad, which you lay on when riding. And recently we started offering leash connectors for all of our boards. The "old-school" riders never used leashes, but due to popular demand, we can install a leash connector for $25.

We love talking to our riders and getting to know their riding style. Even though we have an online store, we still value phone conversation and getting to know our riders personally. So feel free to look around and give us a call at 808-966-6374 if you have any questions or need expert advise choosing the right board for you.

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