About Us

Dedicated to wave riders since 1965

For over 50 years, Paul Lindbergh has been in the pursuit of fast, reliable, and durable bodyboards. Much has changed since our first HPD Paipo built near the infamous North Shore of Oahu. Our boards have always been, and still are, the fastest bodyboards on the planet!

It all started in Mr. Murakami's shop class at Roosevelt High School in Honolulu in the early 60s. The first board was made from Koa wood, which is very heavy, and surprisingly strong. It's design was a modification of an extremely popular Paipo design in those days. But with one main difference, this board was FAST.

People would see this board in the water and would immediately ask what it was that was moving so fast. Some people could not believe that a body board was faster than their surf board. It didn't take long for word to get out, HPD Paipos were fast. REALLY FAST! Pretty soon, all of the prominent North Shore riders wanted one. Many of the North Shore lifeguards had one of Paul's boards at their lifeguard tower.

Paul began experimenting with stronger and lighter materials, taking inspiration from boat builders to design a composite board capable of better maneuvering, speed, and durability. After years of research and development, a light-weight fiber-glass Paipo was born. This board was in one word, incredible. The design would go on to be named, the Paipo XL, our flagship model and industrial workhorse, and symbolizes everything we stand for as a company.

Today, we still consider the Paipo XL as the Paipo which started it all. We have made a few minor improvements to this design, but the heart and soul of the "First Board" lives on.

In addition to the Paipo XL, we now offer 3 variations of this battle-tested design: the Paipo Mini, Paipo Monster Board, and the latest incarnation, the Paipo XP. Each with slightly different characteristics, but all share the same common ancestor, and it is apparent when you feel the gut wrenching top-speeds and turns these boards are capabale of.

Even though we have been making boards for a very long time, we strive to stay on top of technology, innovation, and social trends. We are never satisfied, we are always hungry. We are always looking on ways to improve on our time-tested theme.